Cancer Patients Turn To Physio Therapy To Reduce Bed Sores In Hospice

Athletic therapy massage for reduced recovery time

Athletic therapy uses many procedures to help athletes when an injury occurs. Sometimes however the athletic therapy techniques are just meant to make the athlete relax and perform better. Athletes usually over-train and this causes their muscles to become stiff. This can greatly affect the athlete during their game. Also, to be able to get back to training quickly the muscles need to relax and recover from the tear of the previous training session. There are many ways of the athlete to recover including use of the right nutrition, supplements and use of specialized apparel but the easiest and effective way of recovering is by use of athletic therapy massages.

Types of massages

There are many types of massages that the athletic therapist near me Toronto can use on the patient to ensure that they recover quickly. There is the trigger point massage which is done by applying pressure on the trigger points. Trigger points are highly irritable points found all over the body that easily cause pain to other parts of the body. Applying pressure on the trigger points causes release and pain subsides. There is also the soft tissue and deep tissue massages. Deep tissue massage involves application of a lot of pressure on the muscles so that the effect of the massage can reach deeper into the muscles.  There is also the Swedish massage which is done mainly to relax the entire body of the athlete allowing them to recuperate and recover quickly. This kind of massage is done using long strokes that are directed towards the direction of the heart.

Benefits of massage therapy

There are many benefits that the athlete will derive from the athletic therapy massage. One benefit is increased circulation. Massages increase the blood circulation in the muscles. They also enhance lymphatic circulation which keeps the muscles rejuvenated. Another benefit is that the massage helps to get rid of toxic wastes from the muscles due to the increased circulation. Getting rid of the wastes from the body helps the muscles to recover quickly. With a massage there is also increased performance. This is because a massage helps the muscles to relax and become more flexible. This increases the range of motion of the muscles and in turn the athlete can perform much better. A massage is also known to prevent over training syndrome. This is a syndrome that occurs when the athletes train so much causing the muscles to tire and become stiff.

An Certified Athletic Therapist is also trained on other procedures and modalities that they use in conjunction with the massage therapy to ensure that the athlete is able to enjoy quick recovery periods after training. The quicker the recovery period, the more the athlete can be able to train and the better they become in their sport.

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