How To Make Cannabis Oil When Cooking With Cannabis

Medical marijuana has very many uses, as it treats a wide range of ailments. That is why you should start incorporating it in cooking, as one of its methods of consumption is through edibles. However, it is worth noting that cooking with cannabis does not involve putting cannabis leaves in your food and that?s it. You will need first to create cannabis-infused ingredients, before starting cooking with it. One of the most common cannabis-infused ingredients is cannabis oil. This article will, therefore, delve in ways of making cannabis oil, so that you can use it to cook your food.

Choose your cooking oil base

It is worth noting from the onset that cannabis does not dissolve in water but fats. In case, therefore, you want to cook with it, you will need to choose the cooking oil that has high-fat content. One of the common oil that has high-fat content and is used in making cannabis oil is canola oil. However, there are other oils that you could use like olive and coconut oils. You will, therefore, need to choose the oil that will act as the base for the cannabis oil.

Grind your cannabis

In order to incorporate your cannabis in cooking, you can never use it in raw form. You will need to grind it so that you can mix it with the oil base that you have chosen. You will, therefore, need to dry your cannabis so that it can be easy to grind. You can use any part of the cannabis plant; you can go for the flowers, stick, or the leaves among others. However, when grinding your cannabis, do not grind it to fine particles, so as to make sure that it goes through the strainer. You can grind your cannabis using a coffee grinder or your food processor.

Mix the oil base with cannabis

It is worth noting from the onset that the strength of the cannabis oil that you make will be determined by the mixture that you make. Therefore, it would be wise to, first of all, determine the amount of cannabis you will mix with the oil. When mixing, all you need to do is pour the oil into a saucepan or slow cooker, add the grounded cannabis and stir. Ensure that all the oil base is covered with cannabis.

Heat and strain the mixture

After you have ensured that your oil and cannabis have mixed properly, you will need to heat the mixture so that the cannabis in it can dissolve in the oil base. When heating, you will need to stir gently to prevent scorching. After heating the mixture, you will then need to strain the mixture while it is still hot.

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