How often should I present my Insurance Card?
At each visit, please give your insurance card to the person at the front desk.

What should be done prior to my visit?
Have all your records sent/faxed to the Oncologist’s office. Medical Oncologist: X-Ray, CT Scans, Lab, Pathology, Referring Doctor notes. Hematology Oncologist: Lab, Referring Doctor notes. Insurance Referrals – fax or hand-carry.

When I arrive, what can I expect?
The doctors see patients on an appointment basis. Wheelchairs are available at all locations for patients who need assistance. When you arrive for your appointment, please be sure to check in with the receptionist. At that time, the receptionist will provide you with information and direct you to the next area.

What is Cancer?
Cancer is not one disease, but a general term covering many distinct diseases. Each type of cancer has patterns that may differ from other types of cancer, and the same disease often affects one person differently from another. Because there are so many variables, different types of treatments are required and no one treatment is right for everyone. That’s why our physicians customize a course of treatment to meet each patient’s specific needs and condition.

What will my insurance cover?
Financial counselors are available to discuss on an individual basis what your insurance company will or will not cover. They will verify your coverage and pre-authorized medical procedures if required by your insurance company. They will also set up financial arrangements for all non-covered amounts.