What Are The Real Impacts Of Using Cannabis?

Some people view cannabis as being medicinal and claim that they use it for medicinal purposes. However, people from other quarters think cannabis will just spoil you completely. But what is the truth about cannabis?

This article seeks to answer questions on the real impacts of using cannabis.

 Can one overdose themselves on cannabis?

This will depend on the individual’s intake of the substance. It is estimated that the fatal dose of THC ranges from 15-70g, which is beyond what most users consume buy weed online It thus makes it difficult for people to overdose themselves with cannabis.

What are its effects in the short term?

People consume WeedSmart cannabis to feel high. However, there are other adverse effects that one is likely to encounter in the short term. These might include anxiety, paranoia, memory loss and lack of coordination. One is also likely to experience challenges with attention.

Can one develop dependency on cannabis?

Yes, indeed one can develop dependency on cannabis. According to studies carried out, at least 10% of regular consumers end up being dependent on the substance. This can also be affirmed by the fact that the number of users seeking help to quit cannabis usage has shot up in the recent past. It is also common for people who are in withdrawal to experience depression, insomnia and loss of appetite.

What are its effects in the long term?

Continuous and regular consumption of cannabis may in the long term lead to mental health complications. A study conducted about 30 years ago established that smokers whose consumption of cannabis exceeded 50 times as of the age of 18 had a 3 times more likelihood of developing schizophrenia by the time they are 45.

Is high-strength cannabis more dangerous than low-strength cannabis?

Many researchers concur with this. A study carried out at King’s College London found out that smokers who used skunk on a daily basis faced 5 times the normal possibility of developing psychosis.

What is the intensity of the risk to frequent users?

Regular users stare at a 2% chance of getting schizophrenia during their lifetime. This is about double the chances of the general public. The most vulnerable group of people is, however, yet to be established though there are on-going studies that focus on this.  This can be an issue for many who run into addiction problems according to SJ Rehabilitation Place.

The above are just some of the questions you might be pondering on about the real effects of using cannabis. It is evident that cannabis has far-fetched effects to the general life of an individual; ranging from physical effects to mental effects. It is also helpful to note that cannabis has effects on the social life of a person; it might lead to strained relationships.